The following comes from a June 30 email from the Helpers of God’s Most Precious Infants.

Saturday, June 25, was unusually slow. Most likely, this was because there was no abortionist upstairs, only the nurses administering the RU486 abortion pill.  The parking had about 7 or 8 yellow-shirt escorts.

We handed one of them a copy of the Medical Board accusations against Robert Santella, but when the escort started reading about the recommendation for the abortionist’s license to be revoked or suspended, she quickly handed it back and said “good bye!”  The police were called by the clinic later in the morning, but the police reaffirmed our right to be there.

Thursday morning we arrived to a half dozen yellow-shirts already in the parking lot at about 7:30 am. The number quickly grew to about 12 against our 4 counselors.  They are now wearing a pink vest over the yellow shirt that says “pro-choice clinic escort.”  One of the escorts kept trying to block a counselor from talking to someone by continually sidestepping in front of him.  When the clinic called the police on us again, we showed the police a video of the escort blocking the counselor, and the police had a talk with him and several others, telling them they were not allowed to block us from approaching and talking to people.

Business was also slow for FPA on Thursday, the first day for Dr. Karen Mann, the new abortionist.  We suspect Dr. Santella was “terminated” by the executives of FPA after the YouTube video of Santella saying some shocking things up on the balcony went viral.

While there are no disciplinary actions by the Medical Board against Dr. Mann, Operation Rescue reports that three women who had come for abortions to Dr. Mann had to be transported to the hospital by paramedics, all within the first two months that she started at the Bakersfield Family Planning clinic in 2010.  Her profile online shows she is employed at two Family Planning clinics in the Los Angeles area.  She will be doing Thursday abortions at FPA on Miramar Road for at least the next two weeks.

While we were able to talk with a few women briefly, the yellow-shirts kept interrupting, making it difficult.  A small group of prayer warriors on the sidewalk kept vigil while we did our best to reach out to women.

The security guard who has been making things most difficult for the past year has left, and we had no guard to deal with today. Sadly, we had no saves to report today.

Please join us Thursday mornings with your prayers in front of FPA if you can.  Your prayers are desperately needed.