Like many about-be-to-be-married couples, Ellen and Kurt Holloway were introduced to natural family planning through their marriage preparation class.

The topic was “brushed over,” she said.

Early in their marriage, they decided to learn more about natural family planning. “We should really be following the Church teaching about it.” Lack of information and the expense of learning about it were initial roadblocks. “As we were learning to use NFP ourselves, we decided we wanted to be a voice in the NFP community,” she said. “We fell in love with it.”

“The introductory class we went to felt so antiquated,” Holloway said. “NFP is anything but. It is based on new and established research. It is using true identifiable biomarkers.”

They became an instructor couple in the SymtoPro method.

“We are in the practicum phase,” she said. They are teaching under supervision. The method requires 40 hours of instruction time, which takes about five months to complete. The practicum period is an additional six months.

They started a ministry within their parish, Holy Spirit in Fremont.

Ellen Holloway went a step further. With the support of the Diocese of Oakland, she started the “Charting Toward Intimacy” podcast. While there are websites, Instagram and such media dedicated to NFP, she found the podcast market was an open field.

As the Marriage and Family Life group was discussing ways to bring the news to the people during the pandemic, Holloway told the group she had an idea. Six weeks later, three episodes of “Charting Toward Intimacy,” with eye-catching titles, became available, appropriately during NFP Week.

“One of the issues with NFP is it’s been sold,” she said. “The focus has been ‘we have to make people want to use it,’” she said.

But the members of younger audience — at 26, Holloway is part of that demographic — say they don’t need a sales pitch.

“We just want the truth,” Holloway said. “We want real people to tell us why we would want to use it; what what the real benefits are; what the church teachings are. Don’t just tell us it’s the perfect thing that’s going to fix our marriage. That we’re going to love it all the time. We don’t want to hear it.”

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