The following comes from an October 3 email from Helpers of God’s Precious Infants San Diego:

Dear Pro-life friends,

Please pray for two turn-arounds we had Saturday morning, Oct. 3rd, one at Planned Parenthood at First and Grape, downtown, and one at Family Planning Associates on Miramar Road.

Family Planning Associates, Miramar Road – Sat. Oct. 3

This was the second Saturday of the Fall Campaign of 40 Days for Life in front of Family Planning Associates on Miramar Road. We had a good number of prayer warriors on the sidewalk, and about 9 counselors in the parking lot throughout the morning. There were about 7 yellow-shirt escorts staged in different parts of the parking lot watching us closely, and following us whenever we moved toward someone that might be going to the clinic.

When two women arrived about mid-morning, one of the counselors offered the women literature, which she took, and then the car was surrounded by yellow-shirt escorts and the security guard, all of whom tried to get the women to tell us to leave, so that we would stop talking to them. They never told us to leave, but the women took the invitation to be escorted up to the abortion clinic. Once there, the guard went inside and apparently coaxed the woman into calling the police and filing a complaint. After quite a bit of discussion with the police, they confirmed our right to be there and left.

Later in the morning, two women with a baby in the back seat drove into the far parking lot behind some cars near two of the counselors, where the yellow-shirts did not see them. Without interruption, the counselors showed them a picture of the ambulance that had to transport a woman to the hospital less than a month ago, and how the woman was injured during the abortion, and ended up in the hospital for a week. The counselor gave her information on COLFS and a fetal model showing the size of a pre-born baby at 12 weeks. The counselor told them they could get a free ultrasound today at Culture of Life Family Services, and that Family Planning Associates does not inform them about the risks and side effects of abortion, and that they only care about making money. The counselor told them we know it’s a hard situation, but this place will not help or give options. The counselor reminded her how precious her baby is. The woman seemed very concerned the whole time, and was willing to listen. She said they would get something to eat, and then go to Culture of Life Family Services instead. They drove out of the lot and left.

Planned Parenthood, First and Grape, downtown San Diego
Today the 1st Saturday procession was out in force. The prayer support was wonderful.

There was a couple that arrived from out of the area who already had 4 children. The mother who became pregnant with her 5th child decided that she wanted an abortion, but her husband was very much against it. We only realized this afterwards when his wife decided to keep her baby, and her husband told us what was going on. We only knew that he was really upset, but didn’t know exactly why. When he and his wife left, he thanked everyone for their prayers. This was a pretty tense situation. I’m guessing that there are issues we don’t know about that this couple needs to work through, and they need our prayers.

Another woman came and accepted information and was interested to know about vaccines, and whether fetal cells are used to make them. She has an 18 month old, and is concerned about how schools are forcing parents to vaccinate their children. I told her to call Culture of Life Family Services and to tell give them my name.