The Family Planning Investment Impact Calculator is an interactive tool for estimating these impacts in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) or, collectively, for all LMICs in a subregion or region. It allows users to produce data and graphics on the following:
– The number of women and couples who would receive modern contraceptive care
– Unintended pregnancies, unplanned births and unsafe abortions averted by increased contraceptive use
–The number of women’s and girls’ lives that would be saved
–Cost savings that would be achieved

The calculator estimates the impacts of actual, planned or hypothetical investments in family planning and assumes investments would go toward the total costs of providing contraceptive care—both family planning service delivery costs and associated programs and systems costs. The calculator should not be used for investments focused on individual components of service delivery. The impact estimates are based on data from the Adding It Up 2019 project and on the costs of providing services in 2022 US dollars. For more details, visit the FAQ page, which links to a summary of our methodological approach.

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