On Friday, November 1 in the San Francisco trial of Planned Parenthood vs. David Daleiden, several witnesses testified about the fears of abortion industry employees of increased violence because of the undercover tapes released in July, 2015 by David Daleiden.


Catherine Short, defending a Daleiden co-defendant against Planned Parenthood, cross-examined Michelle Davidson, security director for the National Abortion Federation

Q. So in 2014 trespass made up over 75 percent of the incidents of so-called violence; isn’t that correct?
A. Yes.
Q. Okay. And what is NAF’s definition of trespass?
A. Umm, it’s a criminal act of putting your physical body onto the property.
Q. And so violence really isn’t part of that definition; is it?
A. Technically it usually leads to some sort of interaction, intervention by either security guards or it can lead to an invasion sometimes, but not always….


Q. Just looking at the numbers here up through 2014, do you see any trend?
A. Do you mean trend as in the increase over years?
Q. Increase or decrease. Which does it look like it’s doing?
A. I see this category as an incident that occurs.
Q. As, I’m sorry, what?
A. That occurs. It’s an issue.
Q. Okay So there is not a — you don’t see a trend here of acts of murder?
A. Thank goodness we have not seen an increase in that, but I mean, they– they have happened.

Charles LiMandri attorney for Center for Medical Progress questioning Drexel University law professor David Cohen whose specialty is studying opposition to abortion:

Q. And I believe you testified on direct exam there has been, I think, eight murders since Roe v. Wade was decided involving abortion providers; correct?
A. Incorrect.
Q. Didn’t you say eight.
A. I did not say eight since Roe v. Wade.
Q. What was it, eight since when? Since the year you started?
A. 1973.
Q. Okay. Has there been of has there not been…
A. There have been more than eight.
Q. Okay. I’m sorry
A. You asked.
Q. I need to clarify. Between Roe v Wade and 2014?
A. Eight.
Q. Thank you.

Q. Now, that has not affected women’s access to abortion; right?
A. Absolutely untrue.
Q. Well, there has been over 60 million abortions since Roe v. Wade was decided; correct?
A. That estimate is about right…..

Q. And you’ve written amicus briefs for some of the plaintiffs in this case regarding the issue of partial-birth abortion?
A. I do not believe that is correct.
Q. It’s not a major point. I could read from your deposition. You have done amicus briefs on behalf of abortion providers regarding partial-birth abortion issues?
A. That is correct, but these plaintiffs are Planned Parenthood Federation of America and a certain number of affiliates?
Q. Yes.
A. And as I said in my deposition, I do not recall ever having written a brief on behalf of these plaintiffs.
Q. Okay. We’ll go forward.

Complete transcript- Nov. 1 Planned Parenthood Trial