The following comes from a Sept 1 story on Breitbart news.

Fox News is reportedly set to air Planned Parenthood: The Hidden Harvest on September 4 at 10 p.m., which will shine a light on the controversial undercover videos that have gone viral.

[This is the same time ABC’s 20/20 will air Pope Francis talking to Americans in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Texas.]

The hour-long report will look inside the undercover campaign of David Daleiden and his Center for Medical Progress, how they trained themselves to be experts in at least talking about the arcane world of baby-parts harvesting, and how they wormed their way into a position of trust with senior managers of Planned Parenthood and tissue procurement companies who buy from them.

Troy Newman, president of the pro-life group Operation Rescue, helped hatch the plan with Daleiden more than three years ago. Newman, who is also on the board of Daleiden’s non-profit group, told Breitbart News, “I expect the documentary will be very much on our side. This information really made [Fox News anchor] Shannon Bream emotional.”

He said the documentary would look at “how CMP came about and how it is rocking the world in exposing the ‘dark harvest’ of baby parts. It will be about David and the people around him and how we hatched the plan to go undercover to uncover these atrocities.”

So far, Daleiden’s group has released nine videos that show Planned Parenthood personnel appearing to negotiate the price of procuring the internal organs of aborted babies that they would sell to companies like StemExpress and Advanced Bioscience Resources.

The graphic videos have rocked Planned Parenthood, as it has had to hire a high-powered PR firm and others to help make its case to Congress and state legislatures around the country that are investigating the charges and considering taking away state and federal funding that totals more than half a billion dollars a year. Planned Parenthood is also concerned about legal exposure because it is a federal crime to buy or sell fetal body parts, something Planned Parenthood says it has never done.

In announcing the report, a Fox News email said:

This summer, a series of secretly recorded videos have exposed a business in fetal tissue. Already a number of politicians have called for the defunding of Planned Parenthood, a primary target of the sting, while others support the organization and call this just another salvo in the War on Women. The Fox News Reporting special … delves into the controversy, featuring exclusive new details about the making of those videos, and investigating an industry and field of scientific research that many didn’t even know existed.