The best confirmation that 40 Days for Life is effective at hurting the bottom line of a local abortion facility does not come from us…

…but from the leaders of Planned Parenthood.

Recently, we got more confirmation from America’s most pro-abortion state – California.

The abortion facility in Napa, California, recently moved, citing the daily presence of pro-lifers outside.

Then, Planned Parenthood Northern California’s director of operations complained to the media that the appointment no-show rate more than doubles when 40 Days for Life is taking place.

“It confirms many important things,” explained Dominic, the campaign leader in Napa. “Even [here in Napa], no-show rates go up to 40%-50%!”

Former Planned Parenthood workers say that the no-show rate for an abortion appointment goes as high as 75% when we’re out there praying.

As for Napa, Dominic and his team are moving to the new Planned Parenthood location, where they’ll continue to save lives from abortion….

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