The provision of transgender services at Planned Parenthood clinics has surged in recent years, coinciding with the growing profitability of the transgender medical sector that exploits children. Data from regional branches of the abortion giant indicates a significant expansion.

Planned Parenthood began selling hormone treatments in 2005. By 2022, 41 out of 49 regional branches were exploiting kids with the sales. However, the past three years have seen a substantial uptick in Planned Parenthood’s involvement in transgender healthcare. Now 45 of its affiliates sell the dangerous hormones.

From 2020 to 2022, the number of transgender sales and related visits at Planned Parenthood abortion centers rose by approximately 125%, based on a review of available data by the Daily Caller News Foundation. In 2020, regional branches that disclosed their data collectively recorded 17,036 visits, compared to 38,337 visits in 2022. This represents a remarkable increase over a short period.

Now the abortion business leads the nation in exploiting children by selling them trans hormones.

From LifeNews