On October 30, Live Action released a report detailing how millions of dollars in taxpayer funding to Planned Parenthood are allowing it to turn around and spend millions of dollars in the 2018 midterms to elect pro-abortion politicians who will fight against abortion industry regulations and keep the taxpayer funding flowing.

Taxpayer funding frees up donors to direct their money to Planned Parenthood’s political agenda rather than to fund what nominal health services Planned Parenthood itself provides.

The report also shows that over time, despite the fact that Planned Parenthood is providing fewer services for fewer clients at fewer facilities, it has received ever increasing amounts of taxpayer funding, and its political arms are spending record amounts of money on elections.

Planned Parenthood’s political arms are poised to spend $20 million on their own and another $30 million in a joint effort with three other groups in the midterms on both state and federal offices. In addition to its midterm spending, according to its latest annual report, Planned Parenthood and its political arms were able to spend $160 million last year for “public policy” and “movement building” and to “promote health equity” and “engage communities” as well as spend another $85 million on fundraising.

Additional information:

At the same time Planned Parenthood pushes for more taxpayer dollars, many of Planned Parenthood’s services and its clients are declining. In the last 10 years of Planned Parenthood’s annual reporting (2006-2016),

  • clients have decreased 23 percent (3.1 million in 2006 vs. 2.4 million in 2016);
  • it closed 260 facilities (860 facilities in 2006 vs. 600 facilities in 2016);
  • breast exams have decreased by 62 percent;
  • cervical cancer screenings have decreased by 74 percent; and
  • contraception services have decreased by 32 percent.

Yet while many services have decreased over the last 10 years, Planned Parenthood’s abortion numbers are up by 11 percent (to over 320,000 babies each year) and taxpayer funding has skyrocketed from $336 million in 2006 to $543 million a year in 2016.

Full story at Live Action News.