As if another case in point is needed about Planned Parenthood lack of abortion safety, another young woman was transported by ambulance from the Planned Parenthood abortion facility in Walnut Creek, California.

The radio dispatch audio clip for this medical emergency notified the ambulance to respond “Code 3,” which requires the ambulance to run with lights and sirens for a 22-year old woman with pain.

Photographs provided by a local 40 Days for Life volunteer show a young Hispanic woman on a gurney outside Planned Parenthood as she was pushed to a Contra Costa County ambulance for transport, presumably to a nearby hospital emergency room.

Operation Rescue confirmed that the Walnut Creek Planned Parenthood actually conducts abortions through 23 weeks 6 days of pregnancy, even though the website indicates that its limit is 13 weeks 6 days.

Full story at Operation Rescue.