The following comes partly from a Jan. 14 story on LifeSiteNews.

Planned Parenthood has filed a lawsuit against the organization that exposed their practice of receiving financial remuneration for collecting the body parts and tissues of aborted babies.

Planned Parenthood sued the Center for Medical Progress today, accusing the group of violating numerous state and federal laws, including the Federal Racketeering and Corrupt Organization (RICO) Act – a law intended to prosecute the Mafia.

Its legal brief describes the center as a “complex criminal enterprise conceived and executed by anti-abortion extremists” that engaged in “large-scale illegal taping” intended “to demonize Planned Parenthood, harass and intimidate its dedicated staff, and interrupt its operations, all with the ultimate goal of interfering with women’s access to legal abortion.”

The lawsuit, filed in the U.S. District Court in Irvine, California, seeks compensatory and punitive damages against the Center for Medical Progress as an organization, as well as its lead investigator David Daleiden, board members Troy Newman, Albin Rhomberg, Philip Cronin, Sandra Merritt, and Gerardo Lopez individually.

They claim that the group used false identification and misrepresented the true nature of the front group BioMax to gain access to Planned Parenthood officials, then record and publicize its conversations.

Those videos, which began to trickle out last July, had an explosive impact on the political landscape beginning with the first video, showing Dr. Deborah Nucatola casually eating salad and sipping wine as she described her plan “to crush” a baby’s body in a way to preserve the organs its benefactors requested – to “try to get it all intact,” in her words….

“These videos were heavily manipulated,” the legal brief states.

Daleiden is dismissing the lawsuit as a “frivolous” attempt to divert attention from its own criminal wrongdoing.

Daleiden and parental notification petitions at the Walk for Life

The following comes from a Jan. 15 item on the website of Californians for Parental Rights, which is gathering signatures for parental notification.

On Saturday, January 23, at 12:30 pm tens of thousands of pro-lifers will gather in San Francisco’s Civic Center Plaza to hear speakers including David Daleiden whose videos inspired the U.S. Congress’ de-funding of Planned Parenthood this month (vetoed by President Obama). There will be tables for handing out and signing parental notification petitions in the plaza. And bus captains on the buses taking participants to the Walk for Life will be bringing petition packets for bus riders to hand out packets and take home to their local churches.