The following come from an August 29 story on LifeSiteNews (originally on Live Action News).

“Abortion” might seem an odd search term for Pinterest.  But since this explosive, relatively new social media site is increasingly becoming an addictive place to share opinions, beliefs, and ideas – in the form of images – we ought to check in and see just how abortion is doing.

At various times this year, Pinterest has been ranked the 4th and 5th most popular social network in the U.S.  Worldwide, the site’s been ranked 14th on the popularity list.

DownsOf the first 20 images to show up (as of 7:04pm EST today) on Pinterest when “abortion” is searched, a full 19 of them are pro-life. What’s more, these images represent a creative cross-section of truth – not simply a collection of bland talking points.

Take a look at the images below (chosen out of the top 20 Pinterest results), and add your own commentary on how you think these images could be effective.

This image was the current top “abortion” result on Pinterest. This image illustrates the stark reality that abortion brings death and does not solve what many people view as a “problem.” Instead, abortion creates its own host of true problems – chief among them the unnecessary death of an innocent child. It’s time we learned that death is never a solution…

handSo, how can you influence what people see when they search Pinterest for abortion? First, follow Live Action on Pinterest.  You’ll find plenty of images you can repin. Second, read this creative article by Katie McCann. And finally, find and create you own pro-life images about abortion. Spread them as you use social media, and expose the world to the real truth about abortion.



















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