In the midst of the National Eucharistic Revival, Jeffrey Bruno, who makes it his mission to photograph as many processions as possible, says he has witnessed an “explosion” of Eucharistic Processions in New York City.

In October, hundreds of people filled the streets of New York City for two large processions, and in May, thousands of Catholics celebrated Pentecost in Times Square. This year, the city saw more than thirty smaller Eucharistic Processions on the Feast of Corpus Christi alone….

Bruno’s mission began about six years ago with a 40 Days for Life event at Holy Innocents Parish in New York City.

“I remember, as the Blessed Sacrament is being carried out of the church and I’m watching all these people line up, I’m like, This is incredible. You’re bringing Christ into the streets,” he recalled.

“I couldn’t take enough pictures,” he said. “This is just beautiful, beautiful, and beautiful.”

One moment of grace stood out to him, even years later.

We’re crossing Broadway and the police had stopped [traffic] at the beginning of the procession and this truck, this big box truck—a 25 foot to 26 foot truck—drives by and this guy hangs out the window and he’s like, Pray for me!

“….People will be walking and they ‘come out’ as Catholic at that moment,” he said. “They kneel down, they make the sign of the cross.”

When Catholics process together, it’s a “different dynamic” than sitting inside a church because they are proclaiming their faith in a “secular space,” he observed.

From Catholic Vote