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…The numbers say it all: Christians are leaving Muslim countries in droves, in most cases under threat or following physical attacks. There are still relatively strong communities in Lebanon and in Egypt (the Copts), but in most other places, they are running away or are being overtly persecuted. With the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood from Tunisia to Egypt and Jordan (not to mention the radical Islamist elements dominating the Syrian rebellion), Muslims who hold intolerant views of other faiths feel increasingly emboldened… and are acting on it.

And if you don’t believe me (which is your right), I invite you to attend an interesting event that will take place this coming Saturday June 8 in El Cajon. Organized by a national US-based group called Advocates for the Persecuted, it will give a chance to Arab Christians from Egypt, Jordan, Iraq and other Middle East countries to testify about their plight.

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Saturday, June 8

Registration 9:30am | Meetings 10am-5pm

Foothills Christian Church | 365 W. Bradley Ave. El Cajon 92020

You will meet with brothers and sisters from Egypt, Jordan, Iraq and different other Middle East countries who have firsthand experience of persecution in prisons and in their homes. You will be informed, inspired and motivated to pray for them and act on their behalf.

Topics include:

» An explanation of what is going on in the middle east

» Muslim plan for America in the next 10 years

» Persecution of Muslim women who accept Christ

» Persecution of Muslim kids & teenagers who accept Christ

» What follows after a Muslim man accepts Christ

» An overview of what it looks like to be an active Christian in the middle east


“The price I paid (to follow Christ) was two years of house arrest. My family members were not allowed to talk to me. But I count it nothing for Christ suffered a lot for me.”

Kareem, a Muslim convert who suffered a lot for his faith: “The price I paid (to follow Christ) was several weeks in jail, beaten, sexually assaulted, kidnapped and seeing my wife and kid suffer tortures for their faith.”

Hassan: “I was the youngest prisoner in the entire Egyptian prisons for many months, but Jesus visited me many times in my cell. I was released by the petition of 30 American Congressmen who offered me a green card to escape Egypt but Jesus said, ‘No I need you in Egypt.’”

Gafer, a man who paid a big price for sharing his testimony with others: “My crime was sharing my testimony with my fellow workers. My family disowned me, my dad attempted to kill me and I had been forced to leave my country.”

Dr. Joseph says: “I was forced to visit the secret police offices every two months to give a report of what I was doing, even in my private life. My crime was ‘serving Jesus Christ publicly and outside the church buildings.’”

Samer, a Muslim young man whom his parents accepted Christ says: “The price I paid was that I have to live with double personalities since I the age of 6. In Egypt school I had to act like I was a Muslim, was forced to attend the Islamic religious classes and go through the final exams. At home I am Christian.”

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