Life Legal has seen a dramatic escalation of violence outside abortion mills across the country. In the most recent attacks, several men shot pellet guns at pro-lifers – outside a Planned Parenthood facility in Napa, California, on two separate occasions.

On November 4, a youth group gathered to pray outside the abortion mill when two men drove by and shot pellets at the group. The teens were hit in the chest and face.

A week later, assailants shot pellets at sidewalk counselors and pro-life advocates who pray daily outside Planned Parenthood. Life Legal Chief Financial Officer Mary Riley, who is part of the prayer team, was hit in the head. While Mary was stunned by the attack, thankfully, she was not seriously injured.

Pellet guns are dangerous – even deadly – weapons. In a recent pellet gun shooting in nearby San Jose, California, the shooter was charged with multiple counts of assault with a deadly weapon after a teenager was hit in the chest, resulting in a collapsed lung.

Our legal team is in contact with Napa law enforcement. We provided them with video evidence of the shooting, and the officers know who fired the shots. Inexplicably, no charges have been filed against the shooters to date.

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