Our Lady’s call to pray the Rosary every day is reaching every corner of the world, with help from rosary-making groups, including many in our own Diocese.

In these rosary-making groups, parishioners of all ages make rosaries by hand, sending them all around the U.S. and even throughout the world. The groups are assisted by Our Lady’s Rosary Makers (OLRM), based in Kentucky, which provides materials, resources and support to rosary-making groups throughout the country.

OLRM’s highest-producing chapter in the entire country is within our own Diocese, at St. Thomas the Apostle parish in Riverside. St. Thomas’s group, called Our Lady of Sorrows Rosary Group, made over 35,000 rosaries in 2021. The majority of the rosaries are sent abroad to places as far as Africa, Mexico, India and more.

“Our focus and first destination is the third-world missions, because people there do not have access to [rosaries] – or the sacraments – on a regular basis,” said Our Lady of Sorrows group leader Linda Carter.

“These people really need the rosaries,” she said. “They are in great need of hope and prayer each day.”

The group also sends out many rosaries around the country and locally, usually upon request. They can be sent anywhere from schools and catechism classes to hospitals and funerals.

“Last month, we had a request for 500 rosaries from the VA hospital in Loma Linda from the priest chaplain there,” Carter said. “He said he had the need for many more than that, but didn’t want to trouble us. We sent him 1,700 and he gratefully accepted!”

St. Thomas’ group has about 25 parishioners that meet at the church monthly, ranging from age age 7 to 85.

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