The following comes from a November 12 Californians for Life email:

Here in California, each year 20,000 young girls under the age of 18 undergo an abortion. Our young daughters cannot be given an aspirin at school or go on a field trip to the park without our consent, but she can get an abortion without us even knowing about it.  Our state government provides state taxpayer funding to perform these secret abortions on our children without parental notification. 39 other states already have Parental Involvement laws in place, greatly reducing abortion, saving lives and protecting our daughters.  I am dedicating this next year to working on the passage of Parental Notification here in California and I ask you to please join me in this historic life-saving effort!

For the last eleven years, I have done everything I could each day to save the greatest number of lives, spending many days each week at the Sidewalk in front of the abortion clinic, leading the Sacramento 40 Days for Life, visiting legislators at the state capitol, speaking throughout the state of California, and personally helping mothers with whatever they might need so that they could choose life for their babies.

After much consideration, I see the next step in that effort is to give everything I have to passing Parental Notification here in CA. On Tuesday, pro-life leaders from all over the state came together and unanimously agreed that we will work together on this historic effort.  You can see all the details and order your own petitions through the website.

In this email, I would like to give you some important background information and layout an action plan, detailing what needs to be done and how you can help.

Parental Involvement laws are already in place in 39 other states, resulting in up to a 79% decline in abortion rates among under-age girls. Nearly 1/5 of all US abortions occur right here in our state, for an estimated 200,000 abortions per year in CA, including approximately 20,000 abortions per year performed on girls under the age of 18, without parents even knowing. Therefore, passing Parental Notification will save lives, protect our most vulnerable teens, and strengthen the family.

Parental Notification is very winnable here in CA. In 2008, Parental Notification lost by only a few percentage points (48% to 52%), despite being outspent by the lucrative abortion industry 15:1! Since 2008, our state has had a significant demographic shift, with an increasing number of pro-life, pro-family Latino and Asian voters.

Parental Notification has 68% support within the general population, while Latino voters support Parental Notification by an overwhelming 81%!  Latinos now make up over a quarter of registered voters in California!  Just that pro-life shift in population demographics will help us assure victory in November 2016!

Planned Parenthood is weaker and more vulnerable than ever before- public opinion is definitely in our favor!  In traveling the state, I have never seen such statewide enthusiasm and momentum.

The Center for Medical Progress investigative videos are awakening people to the atrocity of Planned Parenthood. The Planned Parenthood abortion businesses involved in Fetal Harvesting are located in major California media markets- San Jose, Sacramento, Fresno, Pasadena, and Orange, including California abortionists Dr. Mary Gatter (I want to buy a Lamborghini) and Dr. Deb Nucatola (I crush above and below). The federal investigations into Planned Planned will continue through December 2016, keeping this issue on the voters’ minds.

Planned Parenthood here in CA has over-reached by passing AB 154 (allowing non-physicians to perform abortions), AB 980 (deregulating the abortion industry), and AB 1177 (allowing new abortion clinics to open without any Hospital Transfer Agreement), which can all be used against Planned Parenthood during the Parental Notification campaign.  During these Congressional investigations, Planned Parenthood budget expenditures will be watched very closely and they will be less likely/able to invest heavily in a political campaign here in CA. Abortion will already be a big issue in the Presidential campaign, keeping the investigations, videos, and Parental Notification in the news in front of the public, now through November 2016!

Therefore, here is what we can do today to make sure Parental Notification succeeds!

1.  Order petitions for you and your family! We need 585,407 valid signatures by March 18th, 2016.  Therefore, we have to start that process TODAY! Please order your petitions and help collect signatures from registered CA voters among your family, workplace, neighborhood, and friends.

2. Ask your Pastor for permission to circulate the petition packets at church.  Order enough petition packets for every family in your church- the petition packets will be delivered to you FREE of charge!  We would like to have a HUGE Petition Sunday here in California to honor Christ the King on Sunday, November 22nd, so order your petitions now to be delivered on time!  You will also need clipboards and ink pens.  Collect signatures at church, but also send petition packets home with each family so that they are equipped to help gather signatures amongst their friends, co-workers, and neighbors.   Pulpit announcements, sample bulletin inserts, flyers, and instructional video on how to fill out petitions are all available on the Parental Notification website.  I will have Petitions in my car at the Sidewalk, 1442 Ethan Way, Sacramento, on Thursday and Friday mornings, 9-11 and am willing to deliver them to your Sacramento regional location/church in time for Petition Sunday November 22nd. Email me (wynette) if you would like to get a church-sized quantity of petitions.
3. We need local “Distribution Centers” for petitions throughout our state.  Please email me (wynette) if your church or place of business can be listed as a location where citizens can stop by to pick up petitions in your community.  We need locations throughout every corner of the state.  If your church can serve that important role, please me your church/business name, location address, phone number, contact person, and hours that the location is open.
4.  We need donations to help with the printing, postage and distribution of the petitions.  If you would like to donate to this historic, life-saving effort, here is the link.  Any amount is greatly appreciated!