The following comes from a November 17 Cardinal Newman Society article by Justin Petrisek:

In an address to U.S. bishops gathered in Baltimore this week, Apostolic Nuncio to the United States Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò called on all Jesuits and their respective schools to show “respect to their great tradition” and take the lead in “re-affirming the Catholic identity of their educational institutions.”

Archbishop Viganò said these educational leaders need to “regain firm command of the helm of their institutions through the storms of the present times,” noting that their actions “must always be set by Christ, never allowing influence and wealth to dictate what might be an improper orientation for a Catholic school or university.”

The archbishop specifically mentioned the founding of Georgetown University in his address, saying that Jesuits there were “meant to build up and preserve genuine Catholic teaching to be infused into the culture of America’s young society.”

But Georgetown has faced numerous concerns over the years about the strength of the University’s Catholic identity. In recent months, the University was linked to Planned Parenthood in a Cardinal Newman Society investigative report, honored abortion advocates, including President Obama, and continues to promote and celebrate LGBTQ events and agendas on campus.

Many of the instances of Catholic identity abuse reported by the Newman Society over the years show a steady trend of Jesuit colleges mired in controversy, including Georgetown, Boston College, Fordham University, Gonzaga University, Marquette University and the University of San Francisco, among others.

Catholic education in the United States has been forced to adapt its strategy with a rapidly changing culture, Archbishop Viganò pointed out.
While Catholic parishes with their own individual schools used to be sufficient for “identity, meaning and nourishment in a new world struggling to come to its own realization,” Catholic education is now confronted with the demands of meeting a new, modern world suffering from weakening Catholic identity.