Mass was interrupted Sunday at a church in Riverside when a man came rushing in saying he was going to shoot everyone.

Video showed a woman racing in and saying, “We’re all going to die” in Spanish, causing even more panic.

Predictably, people got scared, authorities said.

Officials said the woman ran into the Queen of the Angels church believing the man was armed. Moments later, witness Michelle Cardona said everyone in the back of the church began sitting and ducking down.

At this point, a man ran in saying, “Everyone down, there’s someone in the back with a gun. He’s going to kill all of us.”

As a precaution, police were dispatched to churches and houses of worship in the immediate area.

CBS2/KCAL9’s Jake Reiner says the suspect was detained near an outdoor swap meet located in the 300 block of Van Buren.

No weapon was found on the suspect or his vehicle.

The suspect was identified as a Riverside man. No motive was given for the threat.

Authorities are mulling several charges including making criminal threats.

Despite the fear of some congregants, evening Mass went on as planned, around 7 p.m.

The above comes from a June 16 story from CBS-Los Angeles.