The following is an email by a reader sent to Cal Catholic on Oct. 22.

Archbishop Gomez and his fellow bishops are exchanging their role as shepherds of Our Lord’s flock for a role as de facto endorsers of pro-abortion, pro-homosexual politicians.

The outrage is not just that Archbishop Jose Gomez appeared and affirmed some of the Democratic parties most pro-abortion, pro-homosexual politicians, but that Archbishop Gomez’s own archdiocesan newspaper, the Tidings, had a large front-page picture to celebrate these genocidal criminals.

The picture on the front page of the October 11, 2013 Tidings was much worse and said far more about the corruption in the Los Angeles archdiocese than any of the pictures in secular papers of Archbishop Gomez with Gov. Jerry Brown at the drivers’ license AB 60 signing on the steps of the Los Angeles City Hall.

Archbishop Gomez could have helped pass AB 60 and celebrated its passage without giving honor and credibility and obvious “vote-for-these-good pro-abortion and pro-homosexual Democrats” coverage on the front cover of his own weekly newspaper.

Sort of like German bishops turning out to join Adolf Hitler to open autobahns and Volkswagen factories and then publishing pictures of the events in their diocesan papers so all the Catholics would know that they should vote for an support the great friend of the bishops.

And then Archbishop Gomez will go to some self-congratulatory, sing-to-the-choir event like a youth pro-life rally or the SF Walk for Life and think that he is being a defender of life.

On Governor Jerry Brown’s right (left as viewed in the picture) wearing sunglasses is the “Gay” pro-abortion speaker of the California Assembly, John Perez.

New Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti (second to the right of Gomez). Garcetti controls his Roth Foundation which has given funds to Los Angeles Planned Parenthood.  Eric Garcetti ran as a “pro-choice” candidate for mayor.

Imagine if the issue was associating with Nazi politicians — or NAMBLA activists

The bishops have no fear of any real criticism of their complicity with baby killers

See the following:

GOVERNOR BROWN SIGNS AB 60   official press release which mentions Archbishop Jose Gomez as the first of “hundreds of Californians at today’s signing ceremonies”  (paragraph 7)

NBC LA Channel 4 TV coverage of driver’s license bill signin

CBS video showing the crowd, now including Darrell Steinberg and Dave Jones

Orange County Register – with Brown and Gomez

The Tidings – Gomez speaks at podium prior to signing

KTLA 5 video of signing