Catholic churches are still being desecrated and vandalized.

And pro-abortion terrorists continue to firebomb and deface pregnancy resource centers.

And Joe Biden’s only response so far? “Keep protesting.”

Worse, while ignoring actual terrorists who are attacking churches and pro-life centers, the FBI and Department of Justice have sent SWAT-style teams to arrest peaceful pro-life protesters instead.

This is why CatholicVote launched our Violence Tracker to call attention to the real criminals and hate crimes. That’s also why we sent letters to demand that the DOJ investigate these anti-Catholic hate crimes. And that’s why we are now pushing Congress to hold hearings as soon as possible in the new year.

Thankfully, some people are paying attention. For example:

Priests are using our resources in their homilies.
Media outlets – from FOX News to local newspapers – regularly cite our Violence Tracker to back up their reports on anti-Catholic violence.
Multiple Congressmen have recently requested our help preparing evidence to plan for Congressional hearings to investigate the absolute failure of the FBI and DOJ to enforce the law.
And people like you regularly write to us to say they had no idea how many times Catholic churches and pro-life clinics have been attacked – especially since Roe v. Wade was overturned (it’s now 100 Catholic churches and 78 pro-life centers just since June)
Faithful Catholics tell me they feel helpless as the FBI and DOJ continue to do nothing. This must change.

That’s why CatholicVote is demanding a Congressional investigation into the DOJ and FBI.

And in 2023, we fully expect the new Congress to do exactly that….

From a December 27 CatholicVote email.