chantcampphotoThe following came in an email from a parishioner at St. Anne’s Catholic Church in San Diego.

At St. Anne Catholic Church, children as young as seven years old are learning the ancient art of singing Gregorian Chant while attending a fun, activities-packed, musical summer camp.

Under the direction of Mary Ann Carr-Wilson, the young campers study and sing the traditional music of the Latin Rite – particularly Gregorian chant and sacred polyphony. Watch this video to learn more about Chant Camp, or call (619) 239-8253 for more info or to register for Chant Camp 2014.

June 23-27 Solemn Mass Fri 27 June at Noon ( east of Sacred Heart)
July 14-18 Solemn Mass Fri 18 July at Noon

Registration as of May 30 – 110 youth and counting

To watch the beautiful video, click here.