Concerned parents have successfully fought against the implementation of a controversial new sex education program for elementary school children.

After a marathon meeting, with testimonies and discussion stretching until 2:30 AM Thursday, California’s Fremont Unified School District board voted against the controversial sex ed curriculum.

What had so many parents concerned is that the new program, known as the “Three R’s: Rights, Respect, Responsibility,” would have taught elementary school students about sexual orientation, gender identity and rape.

The school district now finds itself at odds with California state law––the Healthy Youth Act, enacted in 2016––which mandates the teaching of those topics, and more, to students in grades 4-6.

While the controversial program was voted down for elementary school students, the school board voted to adopt it for grades 7 through 9.  

“There’s a difference between educational and explicit. The way this is written, it is explicit,” said Vijay Ghanta, parent of a second-grader, according to

“It makes it seem like having a sexual relationship at that age is OK. It is not…You make it look like it is very normal. It is not normal at that age.”

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