Life Legal Defense Foundation is representing pro-life advocates led by the Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust who were arrested last week at a California abortion facility. The pro-lifers were engaged in a peaceful protest outside Zuckerberg Hospital at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF), which performs abortions and then provides the remains of the aborted babies to UCSF’s research labs. The hospital bears the name of Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who has come under fire for suppressing and censoring pro-life speech.

UCSF is known for its gruesome experimentation with fully developed pre-born babies.

The pro-lifers engaged in the demonstration to raise awareness about human subject experimentation at UCSF, including bizarre procedures in which fetal intestines and reproductive tracts were transplanted into laboratory rodents.

As Life Legal learned of similar inhumane experimentation done around the country, we signed onto a letter urging HHS Secretary Alex Azar to end the government’s use of aborted human babies for research. We recently discovered that White House Coronavirus Task Force member Dr. Anthony Fauci has been involved in numerous experiments involving the implantation of organs from second-trimester babies into animals.

This type of research is profoundly unethical and should be illegal. Human subject research requires meaningful consent—how can a woman who has no interest in protecting the life of her unborn child give valid permission for that child to be dissected?

“We are appalled that San Francisco law enforcement would arrest individuals who were simply exercising their First Amendment rights on a public sidewalk,” said Life Legal Senior Staff Counsel Allison Aranda. “These arrests are a gross miscarriage of justice and we will fight to ensure that our clients can continue to disseminate information that is in the public interest.”

Life Legal is in contact with the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department and we are working to ensure that any charges filed against those engaged in constitutionally protected speech are dismissed.

The above comes from a Nov. 23 email sent by the Life Legal Defense Foundation.