Though the Church is closed and public Mass has been suspended, the parish of San Francisco Solano in Rancho Santa Margarita hasn’t missed a step when it comes to continuing to stay connected to its parishioners. Under the leadership of  Father Duy Le, the parish is tapping digital platforms to livestream masses, deliver critical information, ask for donations, and to simply offer support and encouragement. In fact, in a video message, Fr. Duy Le said that the parish’s messages are reaching far beyond its geographic boundaries to as far as New York, Canada, Chile, Norway and Vietnam. 

“Our parish has reached more people than it has ever reached,” Fr. Duy Le said via video. 

The parish’s almost immediate switch to communicating online caught the attention of the national organization Revive Parishes, whose mission it is to help parishes thrive. 

Revive recognized San Francisco Solano’s efforts in utilizing digital communications. 

“Solano has created a sub-brand of how they will do church called Mass at Home, and is building content (social, video) around this new way of worship. The quality is exceptional, the music is inspiring, and the pastor and his team are engaging and vulnerable.” 

The above comes from an April 15 story in OC Catholic.

Website of San Francisco Solano.