The following comes from an October 17 Catholic San Francisco article by Valerie Schmalz:

California has led the way in monetizing trade in aborted baby parts as entrepreneurs have created middleman organizations to convey the fetal parts from abortion clinics to research institutions and companies around the world, said David Daleiden, the citizen journalist whose organization exposed the trafficking.

The Orange County district attorney’s filing of a civil lawsuit against Planned Parenthood business partners, two sister bio-medical companies, is a breakthrough, Daleiden told the United for Life luncheon Oct. 16 at the United Irish Cultural Center.

“The wheels of justice turn slowly but they are finally beginning to turn against Planned Parenthood and their business partners in the sale of aborted baby parts,” Daleiden said. Calling the charges “historic,” Daleiden said, “I think this is just the very beginning.”

Also speaking at the luncheon was Holly O’Donnell, who tells her story in the Center for Medical Progress videos. She told the group about her six months working for Stem Express, a fetal parts company in Placerville. When she was hired as a phlebotomist, she was shocked to find out her job requirements. “I thought I was going to be drawing blood,” she said, but discovered the first day her job was to extract aborted baby body parts from the petri dishes. Her job was also to convince women facing abortion to sign consent forms to allow their aborted babies to be used but at times found herself counseling women who were not sure if they wanted an abortion, she said. “There were a few times when I would hit my knees and I would thank God that this mother had not gotten an abortion; that she had left,” O’Donnell said.

Since the videos’ release by the Center for Medical Progress, 26 different states have moved to strip Planned Parenthood of taxpayer funding and to instead fund full spectrum community health centers, Daleiden said. So far the CMP videos on YouTube have had 12.1 million views, he said.

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