Interview on March 8, 2022, with Claire, who is studying biology, and with Christy, who is studying environmental studies, on Paseo de San Carlos at San José State University.


Do you consider yourself religious?

Claire: I’m pretty new to Christianity. I have a few Christian friends who hold Bible studies and I’m involved in that, it’s a weekly thing. It’s really nice being able to learn God. It’s a new thing for me. 

What attracted you to Christianity?

Claire: I was raised in a Catholic family but I didn’t really understand the difference between Christianity and Catholic. God’s always been a part of my life and recently I’ve been wanting to get closer to Him, seek a closer relationship with Him. 

Do you feel a duty to share your faith with others?

Claire: I don’t personally feel obligated to. A lot of people hold such a view on Christianity so that’s why I try to not bother people about that and I’m myself learning about this whole thing and I’m new to this journey, too. But if people are open to it, I’d be down to talk to them about what they’re curious about. 

What would you say if someone asked you, “Who’s Jesus?”

Claire: I would say He’s the Son of God. He was a normal human being like us, but sent specially by God and He was here on earth to connect with humans and connect humans with God and show more tangibly what Christianity is about. 

Do you believe in heaven and hell?

Claire: I think so, I don’t think hell is somewhere where there’s a lot of fire and Satan. I think it’s a variation of that.


Do you consider yourself religious?

Christy: My family is Catholic, but we don’t really practice it. My mom was a single mom, so not that it wasn’t important, but it was kind of hard to be involved with the busy schedule. 

Do you ever go to church?

Christy: I live right across from one, but I don’t go to it. Not that I don’t care, but I’m always busy with something if I’m not tired. 

What do you mean when you say your family is Catholic?

Christy: We’re not really Catholic. We’re not really practicing it, so not really, we’re not Catholic.

Do you believe in God?

Christy: I don’t really know much about Him. I can’t say that I’m an atheist, but I can’t say that I’m knowing of Him, either, so I’m somewhere between.

Do you think there’s evidence for the existence of God?

Christy: I think He exists in some sort of way for everybody. There’s got to be something that helps you propel your life forward in a positive way for people to change, something where you want to do better so it encourages you to or supports you to do better.

What do you think about the Catholic Church’s teaching that abortion is always wrong?

Christy: I don’t agree with the Church’s opinion on it. It’s not something I hold against them, it’s opinions, they’re going to be different at some point.

Do you think that abortion is a sin?

Christy: I feel like in some way it is, because it’s not a great thing, but it’s also a choice someone has to make. I guess the sin is that you are causing death, and I can agree with that, but then it’s also for that person’s own choosing. I could see it as a sin but also not the worst sin ever. 

Do you believe in heaven and hell?

Christy: I’m pretty optimistic, hopefully there’s something good waiting for me if I’ve done good. I would think that there’s a heaven and hell, there’s two places to go, but then it’s like, “Man, who goes where, then?” Because not everyone does good in their life, it’s not always going to be where you’re the best type of yourself but then things sometimes get flipped around, like good first, then bad. That’s where I’m kind of like, “Where do I go then?”