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The following comes from a February report from the National Center for Health Statistics.

•            In 2006–2010, among sexually experienced women aged 15–44, roughly one in nine (11% or 5.8 million) women had ever used emergency contraception, up from 4.2% in 2002.

•            Most women who had ever used emergency contraception had done so once (59%) or twice (24%).

•            Young adult women aged 20–24 were most likely to have ever used emergency contraception; about one in four had done so (23%).

•            Almost 1 in 5 never-married women (19%), 1 in 7 cohabiting women (14%), and 1 in 20 currently or formerly married women (5.7%) had ever used emergency contraception.

•            About one in two women reported using emergency contraception because of fear of method failure (45%), and about one in two reported use because they had unprotected sex (49%).

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