Family Planning Associates and Planned Parenthood, San Diego, Saturday, March 10, 2012

News from the Trenches

Three back-to-back late term abortions were being performed this morning at FPA on Miramar Road, all before 9 a.m. These vulnerable babies were 14, 16 and 18 weeks. The women entering the mill were doubled over in pain as the abortionist began the killing by starting a procedure on Friday, thus causing these mothers to go into pre-term labor.

One of the mothers and her husband spoke with one of the counselors. The woman, with tears in her eyes, left, stating they would go to Culture of Life Family Services (COLFS) and have the laminaria taken out. However, in a short time they returned and went into FPA, telling the counselor she was in too much pain. Please pray for “A” and her husband, “C,” who did not want her to have this abortion.

Another woman, doubled over, went into FPA with her boyfriend. She was 16 weeks. One of the counselors spoke with the young man that drove her. The driver was her brother. He was quite upset that his sister wanted to take her child’s life. He stated that she drank so much because she felt that would get rid of the baby. He informed the counselor that his sister needed prayers badly. Please pray for “A” — that she open her eyes to what she did this day.

Another woman came out of FPA after having an abortion, talking with a group of young people about to go into the mill. She was heavily sedated and told the young people that the staff inside FPA were nice and she was fine. When asked how far along she was, the woman indifferently replied, “18 weeks.” One of the counselors was there and told this group of people that it was clear this woman was “doped up.” After giving them information about the dangers of abortion and the record of the doctor at FPA, they left, stating they would try to find another place next week. Please pray for “J” — that she open her heart to life this week and call COLFS.

Across town at Planned Parenthood at First and Grape streets in downtown San Diego, a couple walked up to the entrance and the sidewalk counselor attempted to talk with them. The woman ignored the counselor, but the man stopped to talk. The man was saying, “Hypothetically, what if you had two kids, and are expecting a third, and this just isn’t the right time?” He asked the counselor if he had kids. The counselor responded that he had two kids, and explained that Planned Parenthood gets about 53% of its income from abortions, so it has a vested interest in trying to push abortion, but COLFS is privately funded by people who are pro-life, and would give them all the options available to them. He asked why he and his wife should go through the hassle of all that, and the counselor said, “Why not give your child the same chance at life that your parents gave you and that my parents gave me? You don’t have to make this decision today. Once you do this, you can’t undo it.”

The counselor said, “Give it some thought,” as he walked off. About a minute later, the man and his wife left through the front entrance, and his wife appeared to crying. It was hard to tell if or when they drove away from the parking lot, because it was a fairly busy morning with lots of cars coming and going. They could have been in a car observed leaving that had darkened windows. However, this was likely a turn-around because she was crying after being in the clinic only a short time.

We were witness to cruelty at its worse today and indifference beyond words. As we enter the halfway point of 40 Days for Life, please consider what you have just read and come pray next Saturday for the souls of our mothers, babies, fathers and for our country.

— The sidewalk counselors of Helpers of God’s Precious Infants, San Diego