This year marks the centenary of the birth of a man who is largely unknown to the general public, but whose intellectual legacy has a profound influence on our daily life: John Money (1921-2006), the New Zealand-born American psychologist who invented the idea of so-called gender identity.

On July 5, 2017, I gave an interview, published in a Catholic online magazine for German speakers on a controversial topic at that time: same-sex marriage and the right of these couples to adopt children. I summarized the harsh consequences I had to face as a  result of my public statements, with reference to Money’s bitter legacy.

In the German text, “Ehe für alle? Diese widersinnige Entscheidung überrascht mich nicht” (Marriage for all? This nonsensical decision does not surprise me), I referred to my then-popular book Das Gender-Paradoxon (The Gender-Paradox), wherein I had dedicated many pages to Money and his ideas, including his failed 1965 gender-reassignment (baby-castration) experiment. He used David and Brian Reimer as experimental subjects. These twin brothers, born in 1965, later committed suicide….

The interview sparked an outcry among German students linked to the LGTB and transgender movements. As a result, a coordinated action against my integrity as a scientist quickly followed, with negative articles in the media and a storm on the internet.

Finally, in December 2017, a public court case was opened against me by the Staatsanwaltschaft Kassel, where I was living. It was based on the absurd charge that I had invented (or “doctored”) biomedical facts and data with the criminal aim of discrediting homosexual couples, which are, according to the popular narrative, equal or superior to, a biological mother and her husband.

After several rounds of public Court hearings in 2019, 2020 and 2021, I was, with the vigorous support of an excellent attorney, acquitted of all charges on March 2 this year. You can imagine how relieved I was….

During the court hearings, I refuted all of these irrational claims (as I have documented in the Strafsache book). I also presented as evidence a MercatorNet article, “A toxic combination: pedophiles, baby farms and same-sex marriage”. Even though this related a documented horror story of paedophile abuse from Australia in gory detail, the state prosecutor was again unimpressed.

The prosecutor’s message to me was simple: forget human biology and all of your inconvenient facts. Gender identity ideology frames our post-modernist worldview. Old-fashioned Darwinists (like you) should be punished for distributing false “biologistic” claims about sex and gender — especially with respect to homosexual couples, who are regarded as ideal step-parents and role models for children….

Since the State Prosecutors (Staatsanwaltschaften) are under the thumb of German politicians, notably the Ministry of Justice, I expect that there will be further charges against me. I am confident that truth will prevail. As the victims of LGBT and trans persecution know, the process is the punishment. But I am not disheartened. I shall continue to fight for Darwin (who was the loving father of ten children), the evolutionary sciences, and human biology.

The above comes from a Dec. 13 story written by Kutschera on