Arriving in the mailboxes of 22 million voters this week (mine arrived on Friday, Sept. 30) is the 128-page Official Voter Information Guide sent by the California Secretary of State’s office.

On page 5, right after the table of contents, the Quick Reference Guide begins with a summary and arguments for and against Proposition 1.

The Pro argument: “Yes on 1 places the fundamental right to abortion and the fundamental right to contraceptives in the Constitution. Yes on 1 protects individual choices on reproductive care and the right to choose to have an abortion, keeping medical decisions where they belong – between a patient and their provider.”

The Con argument: “Proposition 1 is an extreme law that allows late-term abortions at taxpayer expense up to the moment of birth – even if the baby is healthy and the mother’s health is not threatened. Current California law already guarantees a woman’s right to choose, making this extreme and costly proposal unnecessary.”

– written for Cal Catholic by Carlos Bey