“Hope is a communal virtue; it requires us to be in relationship with one another,” emphasized Sister Simone Campbell in her Friday, December 6 keynote at the annual California Catholic Ministry Conference held December 6-7 at the San José Convention Center. The theme of the conference was “Growing in Faith… Living with Hope.” Nearly 3,000 people attended from the Dioceses of San José, Monterey, Oakland, Stockton, Fresno, Salt Lake City, and the Archdiocese of San Francisco.

The above comes from a Dec. 13 story in the Valley Catholic.

From a Sept. 5, 2012 story in California Catholic Daily:

Sr. Campbell is executive director of the “social justice” group of women religious known as NETWORK, perhaps most famous for urging passage of Obamacare in 2010 in open defiance of U.S. Catholic bishops….

Even the New York Times calls NETWORK “a liberal Catholic lobbying group.” The Catholic Thing blog recently observed that Sr. Campbell’s “views of Catholic social teaching line up neatly with the Democratic Party platform” and that she serves as an “‘alternative hierarchy’ for those seeking Catholic endorsement of a progressive agenda.”

In June, Sr. Campbell led 14 like-minded sisters on the notorious “nuns on the bus” tour of nine states to protest U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan’s proposed budget.