Ordinary Americans listened with shock and horror recently as National Public Radio callously broadcast audio of a pregnant woman having an abortion procedure at eleven weeks.

On their radios, the entire nation heard the electric vacuum aspirator turn on, which has 10 to 20 times the suction power of a household vacuum, while a woman in stirrups awaits the abortionist’s procedure.  Within minutes, the unborn baby is suctioned from the mother’s womb despite the woman’s cry of, “I can’t,” with the nurse calmly reassuring her that she can, and then exclaiming once the baby was gone, “You did it!”

Never once does NPR stop and question the diabolical nature of the act—the killing of an innocent unborn child.  Nor does NPR “follow the science” about babies at 11 weeks of gestation or discuss common complications and aftereffects of an abortion.

One way NPR and other pro-abortion advocates justify such heinous acts is to convince themselves and the public that the unborn child is not a real human being—to deny the science.

But one can no longer plead ignorance and claim that the unborn child is simply a “blob of tissue” or as NPR described the baby, just “pregnancy tissue.”  Science is simply too advanced to ignore the truth….

The above comes from a Nov. 12 posting on CBN News.