The following comes from a March 30 newsletter put out by pro-lifer Wynette Sills in Sacramento.

Yesterday, Good Friday, Christians throughout Sacramento united together to pray for LIFE at all five abortion businesses in our region.  While we were praying at the Pregnancy Consultation Center abortion business, a man stopped at the intersection and rolled down his window, motioning for me to come talk to him. We recognized each other from the many hours spent at this location during previous 40 Days for Life seasons. The man said, “You know this abortion clinic is closed, don’t you?”  At first I didn’t believe him, as I had visited the abortion business’ website in recent days and everything looked like they were doing “business as usual”.  I expressed my doubt, but the man continued, “I guarantee you it is closed.”

Still wondering whether to trust his report, I decided to call the abortion business to make sure. I nervously called their number…. ring, ring, and a young woman answered, “Women’s Health Specialists.  May I help you?”  I was shocked, as that is the name of the clinic we are currently praying in front of at 1750 Wright Street. I responded, “Oh, I was trying to reach Pregnancy Consultation Center.” The young receptionist at Women’s Health Specialists replied, “The doctor there retired about a year ago and that clinic has closed, no longer in business.”  Astonished, I just thanked her and hung up, amazed at God’s answer to prayer!

Read more about Pregnancy Consultation Center which did “2,000 to 3,000 1st trimester abortions and 500-800 2nd trimester abortions each year” according to the Abortion Clinic Director Sacramento News & Review 2004. This business has been aborting babies in Sacramento since the 1970’s, making over a million dollars a year from abortion and was the site of two 40 Days for Life campaigns in Spring and Fall of 2010.  We had prayed there for three Good Fridays.  Numerous individuals have prayed there faithfully for many years. In September of 2010, National 40 Days for Life Campaign Director Shawn Carney visited us at that location, where the abortion business specialized in late-term abortions due to fetal “abnormalities”, including Down Syndrome wherein 9 out of 10 babies diagnosed with Down Syndrome are aborted.  The abortion clinic website describes their “extra services”, such as providing foot and hand prints of your aborted baby.
Notorious abortionist, Mark Maltzer, has RETIRED, after a very long and difficult history of hurting many women throughout the state, even allowing at least one patient to bleed to death.  See the Los Angeles Times article which states:

“A 25-year-old woman bled to death last year after a Planned Parenthood clinic in East Los Angeles neglected to follow established medical procedures during an abortion, according to a report by the state Department of Health Services.  The report also found that the clinic failed to report Diana Lopez’s death within 24 hours, as required, and that a doctor working there did not follow clinic policies that would have excluded the woman as a candidate for the procedure.”

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