During the mid morning a young black lady (Jessica) arrived in a newer jeep, & parked on the street right next to us. As she headed in we offered material and she looked at it saying she wasn’t here for “that,” she was a Christian and just here for a job interview. She explained she was on her way to graduating as a nurse soon & looking for work until her husband returned from deployment. As soon as he gets back he is leaving the Navy & they were moving back east.

Anyway, Pam did a great job telling her what PP was really all about. (The young lady was under the impression that Planned Parenthood mostly did legit women’s health services and they were all about helping women. (This I think is a testimony of how well PP propaganda & telling lies over & over again actually works!) She had no idea of the stats on abortion here in SD at this facility alone, California or the nation. Pam also mentioned the movie & story about Abby Johnson & the movie Unplanned. Her eyes got a little wider as the facts rolled in.

We brought up the story of Margaret Sanger which she had heard about. The dots that didn’t connect initially was that PP was Sanger’s legacy. When we told her that, things seemed to click. She said “I can’t work here.” None the less she felt she need to go in for the interview just to keep her word etc. When she came out ~20-30 min later, we chatted again with her saying she declined the job & there was “no way” she would ever work at this kind of place.

She did say they told her how they operated,……providing an Ultrasound & showing the pictures to the mother, then “letting her decide”. Anyway, Jessica asked what churches we attended etc..…as she was a Baptist, so I pointed out where I go at Shadow Mountain Community Church out in El Cajon (9:00) & invited her out there. She said she couldn’t make it this week but maybe next. (I hope I do see her again.)
Last couple right before we left was pure drama. A couple parked right in front next to us again. The man blasted us “with both barrels” as soon as he got out of the car, yelling to stay away as we politely & calmly tried to share material. His wife/girlfriend (?), was very distraught & wouldn’t even look at us as she was hurried in escorted by this hot head. He screamed some obscenities….yelling the Bible was all “BS”, just a “big fairy tale” and that we better “be gone” when he comes out.

He came out shortly thereafter yelling for us to keep away & drove their car to the back lot. Coming around again to go back in was Act II. All we could do is say we were just trying to help & provide options but we couldn’t hardly get a word in edgewise. Finally we shouted back Hebrew 9:27, the Bible says, “first you die, then the judgement”…..not sure where that sword landed, or if it did any good, but pretty sure he heard it.

The above notes were sent by a weekly sidewalk counselor in San Diego.