The following exchange of letters between Charles LiMandri, a concerned USD alumnus, and another USD graduate took place on November 25.

I am writing in response to your e-mail of today’s date.  Though you have apparently sought to engage me in a discussion on important issues on which we obviously disagree, at least you have adopted a civil tone.  This is more than I can say of many of your fellow recent USD alums. I do not know you but I note from a quick Google search that you are a 2005 USD grad, an openly homosexual man, and a “gay” activist.  In contrast, I am a 1977 USD grad, a married father of five, and a Christian activist.  Therefore, we have diametrically opposed world views.  You probably never learned from your time at USD, as I did, that it was founded by devout men and women who made great sacrifices to build a University to educate students into the Catholic faith.  Therefore, you state that I would rather see USD burned to the ground than deviate from a selective interpretation of Catholicism. Of course, you are wrong.

It is not my desire to destroy USD, but rather to reclaim it for our Lord and His Church. The selective interpretation of Catholicism to which you refer is simply what our Church has taught for over 2,000 years. If you have any interest in actually learning what those teachings are, you need only refer to the “Church Teachings” section of the website  Those consistent teachings come from divine revelation, magisterial documents, and thousands of years of Catholic tradition. They are not subject to “selective interpretation” by Catholics who take their faith seriously.  The many devout Catholics who made great sacrifices to lay the foundation for the faith at USD, like Mother Rosalie Hill and Bishop Maher, took their faith seriously.

You state that Mary Lyons is probably USD’s greatest asset.  You are wrong again.  USD’s greatest asset has always been its Catholic identity. That “asset” has suffered tremendously during Mary Lyons’ watch, as many recent alums, such as yourself, apparently know very little and care nothing about what our Church teaches and why.  You also state that I orchestrated the events that led to the vote of “no confidence” against Mary Lyons by the faculty.  What I did was bring to the attention of the donor of the lecture series who was to fund the Tina Beattie lectures that she is a professed heretic and blasphemer.  Beattie has openly supported same-sex “marriage.” abortion, and even spoken of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in unspeakably sacrilegious terms.  She has also publicly criticized the Holy Father and the Bishops for their support of life and traditional sexual morality.

Mary Lyons admitted that the donor of the funds that were to bring Beattie to campus was solicited by her with the understanding that those funds would be used to pay for speakers who would actually contribute to a proper understanding of our faith.  Tina Beattie, like you, is an opponent of the Catholic Church when it comes to such critical culture defining issues as marriage. You would apparently prefer that USD continue to defraud its donors and the parents that send their children there to get an authentic Catholic education.  This should be considered immoral by even secular progressive standards.  Moral relativism is bad enough but outright fraud and deceit should not be countenanced by anyone who aspires to engage in any kind of intellectually honest discussion of these issues.

If you want to pursue your militant homosexual agenda why don’t you do it at institutions that do not hold themselves out to be authentically “Catholic”?  Why must you and your cronies seek to completely destroy the faith that has been the best hope of a happy life for generations of USD students that preceded you? What you call “hatred”, is what I call speaking the truth in love. And, what you call “equality” for homosexuals, is what I call discrimination against Christians.  If you want numerous examples of this discrimination, please refer to my power-point presentation: “The Impact of Same-Sex Marriage On Religious Freedom” on the “Resources” tab of the website
By the grace of God, we will also succeed in reclaiming USD for the Church.  Furthermore, as you will undoubtedly have trouble understanding, it is you who is wasting your time because your side already lost this battle 2,000 years ago on Mount Calvary.  Significantly, today is the feast of Christ the King.  Regardless of what happens at USD, Satan has been defeated and Christ now reigns triumphant for all time.  By the standards of eternity, your struggle for a world in which the Truth is suppressed and Christians are defeated is a tragically hopeless one.

Just as immorality caused Rome to fall, and Sodom and Gomorrah reduced to ashes before it, the world that you are seeking to create will come to a destruction of its own making.  So you see, J., it is you who is on the wrong side of history, both in this world and in the next.  I hope and pray for your sake that like Saint Paul, your eyes will be opened before it is too late. The truth of male-female marriage, as spoken from the mouth of our Lord and Savior, cannot be undone by popular vote or judicial fiat. Matthew 19:4-6. Nor can the immorality of homosexuality, as repeatedly pronounced in both Testaments of the Bible, and confirmed by natural law and human experience, be changed by a progressive “ideology” that carries within itself the seeds of its own destruction.  Romans 1:24-32.

I have cited to you the proven words of unalterable Truth from the New Testament. This stands in striking contrast to the outdated ceremonial and dietary customs of the ancient Jewish people of the Old Testament that you took from the hackneyed homosexual playbook.  By comparison, the matters of faith and morals of which I have spoken have stood the test of time for thousands of years because human nature itself, and natural law, have not changed.  It is tragic that so many young people at USD have lost their faith and ended up embracing a diabolical agenda that will ultimately destroy their bodies, minds and spirits.  Those of us who are resolutely seeking USD’s redemption are fighting for the souls of those who are still able to be saved. I can only hope for your sake that you are among them.

Chuck LiMandri


Mary Lyons is probably USD’s greatest asset, and from what I’ve read, you orchestrated the events that lead up to her vote of no confidence.  It appears you’d rather see USD burn to the ground than deviate from a selective interpretation of Catholicism.  Here’s the thing though: you’ve already lost, and that’s with or without either of us, so it simply doesn’t matter whether or not you get what you perceive to be a win here.

People will have completely equal opportunity in America going forward, even if it deviates from Catholic theology, if only because the world has become too competitive for people to face artificial barriers to contributing in America.  And history always looks kindly upon the people who support equal opportunity — like the woman denied a job at USD for supporting same sex marriage — and forgets or demonizes those who don’t.  Again, neither of us can change that.

And if it isn’t hate that motivates you, then it would be better if you addressed other issues the deviate from strict religious teachings like people working on the Sabbath, touching pig skin, or wearing clothes made from two threads — these are much more widespread problems.  Thank you for reading.

J. M.