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Last week Planned Parenthood revealed a surprising new strategy, abandonment of the term, “pro-choice.” Its poll numbers showed 28.5% of voters identify themselves as both or neither:

Planned Parenthood recognizes it already has the blue voters, and that it will never get the red voters, so it is trying to win over the ambivalent middle.

And, of course, PP also seeks to give persuade abortion-vulnerable mothers, in part by getting people with pro-life opinions to back away from them.

PP is making an overt push for moral relativity, as is clear in its new ad, released yesterday. Note that PP freely uses the term “pro-life” – only because it suits their purposes.

PP also unveiled its new website, “Not In Her Shoes.” Not coincidentally, the National Women’s Law Center also unveiled a “Not In Her Shoes” tumblr page, so this is going to be a widespread campaign on the Left.

More than trying to get people to stifle judgment, Planned Parenthood is trying to stop the debate altogether.

From the ad:

So the next time you talk about abortion, don’t let the labels box you in.

Have a different conversation.

A conversation that doesn’t divide you, but is based on mutual respect and empathy.

In other words, let’s just agree to disagree, because we all know disagreeing about abortion is disrespectful and heartless.

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