From the website of the Fresno diocese:

Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery, on Belmont Avenue just West of Highway 99 in Fresno, has introduced a new option for the placement of cremated remains — Saint Therese Alcove — to provide families with limited funds a final resting place at an affordable price. Families facing financial hardships sometimes retain their loved one’s urn at home which is not in accord with Church practice. The cremated remains should be reverently resting in a Catholic cemetery.

This new cremation alcove is located in the existing Saint Therese Crypt Building. A new six-foot granite statue of our patron Saint Therese was placed inside to graciously watch over the vessels containing the mortal remains of our departed brothers and sisters. Deacon Salvador De La Torre from Saint John’s Cathedral, Fresno, conducted both the blessing of the alcove and the first committal service for the two urns placed on May 31, 2012.

Director of Cemeteries, Mr. Carlos Rascon stated, “They will now have eternal rest in a sanctified place within this cemetery forever.”

If you know someone who has been keeping the cremated remains at home or have limited funds and have delayed taking an urn to the cemetery, please have them contact Saint Peter’s Catholic Cemetery at 559-488-7449 so we can discuss the options available to our Catholic families.