The following comes from an April 22 Breitbart article by Daniel Leberfeld:

San Diego Chargers franchise quarterback Philip Rivers enters the final year of his contract.

The Chargers want to extend the deal. Rivers does not.

It’s not a money issue. It’s more of a Los Angeles issue.

The Chargers are considering a move to Carson, a Los Angeles suburb, and Rivers wants nothing to do with the possible relocation.

“Him not wanting to go to L.A. is very valid,” former teammate LaDainian Tomlinson said on the NFL Network earlier this week.

Rivers, a conservative Republican from Alabama who endorsed Rick Santorum during the 2012 primary process, isn’t an L.A. kind of guy. “I am supporting Rick Santorum for president because of his stance on issues that attack vital Christian values our country was founded upon: no abortion, upholding traditional marriage, defending religious freedom, no euthanasia,” Rivers declared in 2012. A devout Catholic and father of seven, Philips finds San Diego, one of the few right-leaning coastal areas in California, more his speed. For a man so devout he refrained from premarital sex, “La-La Land” just isn’t his cup of sweet tea.

“What we’ve established here with my growing family is hard to recreate,” Rivers told the San Diego Union-Tribune on March 16. “It’s hard to up and recreate that. I know that moves are part of life. But that certainly is fair to say that [not being sold on moving to Los Angeles] is part of it. The good thing is I’m not under contract in a year where we’d potentially be in Los Angeles.”