Thank god for non-binary and the absolute illogic and lunacy of it all. It has finally revealed what parents have known all along — this transgender youth thing is a made up, cultish quasi-religion, not an innate, immutable feeling.

If non-binary surgery is a thing (ie, in support of your non-binary gender identity, take wrong sex hormones in “regular” or “micro” doses, amputate your breasts, remove your nipples, create a “smooth” genital area — essentially de-sex your sexed body), then no longer does the narrative of “I have a female brain in a male body” or vice versa make any sense.

If trans means that:

  • Your soul is gendered and its identity can match or not match your physical body.
  • If it doesn’t match, this is an intolerable situation that causes great distress.
  • You will want to kill yourself if you can’t, through drugs, 3rd party pronouns, and surgeries, transform yourself into the opposite sex and/or induce an endocrine disorder to go through the “right” puberty if you are still a youngster.
  • Your gender identity is your “true self” and everyone in the world is morally obligated to affirm and assist you right away in having the body that you want or they will have your blood on their hands and you are a transphobe.

Then, in that case, what does that make non-binary? There is no such thing as an unsexed human body that the gender identity of non-binary can match—the whole concept behind this is patently ludicrous, since there is no such thing in humans as a 3rd sex (or a “no sex?). So, if non-binaries cannot be said to be born in the wrong body, since there isn’t a “right” body alternative for them, the idea that trans is a medical necessity, rather than a set of drug and cosmetic procedures to alter your body to match some idea of inner self, fails to hold water.

It becomes obviously what it was all along — transgender and it’s non-binary child are no different from Octomom who spent years of plastic surgery in pursuit of looking like Angelina Jolie. It becomes clear that trans-racialism and trans-species-ism, and body identity integrity disorder, where you have an overwhelming desire to be an amputee, are one and the same. Disorders of the self, psychological issues, for which hasty medicalization is clearly inappropriate, for anyone, much less for vulnerable teens.

I, for one, am thankful for the explosion in non-binary-ism. It has made the whole trans thing jump the shark. An absurdity on top of an absurdity that will topple the whole tower of absurdity, pain and suffering down upon itself in a heap of nonsensical rubbish. Even our trans-identified kids can’t fail to see, eventually, how stupid non-binary medicine is. Let’s hope that the grownups in the room see it even sooner.

From a March 21 posting by Parents with Inconvenient Truths about Trans.