Liberal writer Noah Smith warned conservatives that abortion bans would lead to more non-whites being born.

“OK, who’s going to be the first to let conservatives know that since people of color are disproportionately high users of abortion, banning abortion will hasten the ‘Great Replacement’,” Smith tweeted.

His comment generated a tsunami of responses from the political right, many of them pointing out that the pro-life movement is fully aware that the regime of legal abortion stifles the black population — and that pro-life activists decry that fact.

“We literally put it in our campaign ads,” tweeted Joseph Chalfant, pointing to an ad by Republican Arizona Senate Candidate Blake Masters in which he denounces the fact that “30 percent of black babies are aborted in this country.”

Others pointed out that Smith had inadvertently admitted that it is the pro-abortion position in defense of the status quo of legal abortion that is effectively racist, while conservative positions on the issue are not.

National Review editor Rich Lowry reflected that future generations “will look back and be completely mystified why supporting having fewer black babies was the ‘anti-racist’ position.”

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