In 1997 “No U-Turn” and “No Cruising” signs were installed in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles. Now, they are coming down.

Hugo Soto-Martinez, a councilmember on the Los Angeles City Council, announced the removal of the signs on Tuesday, claiming that they target members of the LGBT community, according to NBC Montana.

The LA Times reported that gay men would use cruising to connect with one another, flirt, and take party drugs. The “no U-turn” signs were allegedly installed as a way to stop this “cruising,” making it so that no vehicle could pass through the same spot twice within a six-hour period.

Soto-Martinez took to social media saying, “this type of homophobia persisted in Silver Lake 30 years after the Black Cat protests, and the physical remnants of that bigotry remained on our streets until yesterday, when we joined @nithyavraman to finally take the signs down!”

He also posted video of himself and Maebe A. Girl, a Silver Lake Neighborhood Councilwoman, removing the signs.

Girl took to social media herself, saying that she is pleased that the signs are down. “Silver Lake and Los Angeles will continue to be havens for LGBTQIA+ people. No hate tolerated in this town,” she stated.

From Law Enforcement Today