On January 24, San Francisco’s Walk for Life West Coast drew pro-life student groups from the western United States. Every year, the walk is covered from start to finish by EWTN. The coverage is led by Father Mark Mary, host of Life on the Rock. Father Mark interviews participants along the walk. He makes a special effort to interview student groups. From this year’s interview:

Father Mark Mary: What group are you with?

Young woman: University of San Francisco.

Father Mark: How many are with you today?

We have three here, we were not allowed to post any flyers at our school.

Father Mark: Really? The administration wouldn’t let you?

‘Cause it was an off-campus function, so liability. But we are a Catholic school and there was no email or any mention of the walk.

Father Mark: But you’re undaunted, you’re here anyway, and do you go to this every year?

Yes, this is our third year, well second year for USF Students for Life.

A search on the website of the University of San Francisco supported the contention of the USF Students for Life representative that the university has blacklisted the walk. A search for Walk for Life returns absolutely zero results.

A search on the same website using the term “pride parade” returns 3,380 results. One example detailed participation in the 2014 gay pride parade:

“About 200 USFers took part in San Francisco’s Pride Parade on June 29….Some USFers saw the event as a special way to bond with co-workers. ‘I don’t remember experiencing that much school spirit in my 10 years at USF,’ said Julia Hing, assistant director of employer relations at USF. ‘It was a fantastic day.’

The LGBTQ Caucus USF’s parade contingent, which was co-sponsored by the Leo T. McCarthy Center for Public Service and the Common Good, Human Resources, the Office of Diversity Engagement and Outreach, and the Office of Communications and Marketing. The groups say they will march again in 2015….”