The following is from the Office of the Bishop of the Diocese of Sacramento:

February 9, 2021 

Dear Pastors, Parochial Administrators, Parish Stewards, School Administrators, and Agency Directors: 

Each year, I publish a salary adjustment guideline that serves as the guideline for lay employees and priests employed by our parishes, schools, agencies, and administrative offices of the diocese. Catholic school teacher salaries will be addressed in a separate communication. For all non-teacher lay employees and all priests, I offer the following guideline for 2021/2022 salary adjustments: 

For Lay Employees – no increase;  

For all Priests – no increase and no years-of-service step increase.

It is my judgement that the significant and ongoing financial impact of the Pandemic upon our parishes, schools, and agencies is such that it would be imprudent to further stress budgets at a time when most are struggling just to retain staffing. I consulted with the Diocesan Finance Council and my own staff in coming to this judgement.

I appreciate the persevering pastoral devotion of all the clergy, laity and religious to the People of God in these worrisome times.

You labor selflessly to be good stewards as well as fervent coworkers of the Lord Jesus. Be assured of my abiding prayers as I rely on yours. May the intercession of St. Joseph and the Blessed Virgin Mary join with our supplications for God’s mercy to bring an end to the pandemic, heal all who are afflicted, provide protection to those who care for them, and console the families of those who have died. 


+Jaime Soto Bishop of Sacramento

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