The following came in a May 18 email for the Helpers of God’s Precious Infants

Through God’s mercy and love, one baby’s life was spared to today at FPA and also there was a turn-around.  One of the counselors noticed a car pull to the side of FPA.  The couple sat in their car for almost 30 minutes and then pulled away.  It appeared they left, but then they re-appeared sometime later.  The counselor spotted them walking on the balcony and ran over to try and inform them of the doctor’s medical record.  The counselor was down in the parking lot and spoke in a loud voice for them to please come down so they could talk.  By the grace of the Holy Spirit they turned around and came down.

The couple was very nicely dressed and they looked distressed.  They must have been in a very agonizing decision process.  The counselor told them it was no accident they met and this was a clear sign from God that they not go in.  The woman had tears in her eyes mixed with relief.  The counselor told them they had something precious from God and urged them to go to Culture of Life Family Services.  They exchanged hugs.  They were a beautiful couple and they need our prayers.  Please pray for G. and A.

Late in the morning as the counselors were ready to leave, two young women pulled into the lot.  The driver was open about the fact that her friend was here for an abortion and confessed she herself had an abortion.  They were alarmed about the nature of FPA and did not think it would be a good idea to go there.  The counselor told them that when women leave FPA, in the depths of their soul, they are wounded by the abortion.  They became more silent, but it appeared the friend was still abortion intent.  Nevertheless, they left because they were hungry, and they were urged to go to COLFS.  Please pray for V. that she follow through so that she can see a picture of her baby.