Gavin Newsom is proposing “emergency” legislation to allow Arizona abortionists to come to California to kill more babies in abortions.

The move comes after the Arizona Supreme Court upheld an abortion ban that protects babies from abortions but allows an abortion if needed to save a woman’s life in an emergency. Hence, there is no emergency – because all emergency care is allowed in Arizona for pregnant women, including the very rare case of an abortion to save a woman’s life.

Newsom said on MSNBC, “We’ll be providing doctors from Arizona the ability to come into California through emergency legislation we’ll introduce with our Women’s Caucus this week.”

Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes, who supports abortion, is working with California to pass the legislation, which would allow Arizona abortionists to be licensed in California.

On Sunday, Mayes posted about the plan and said, “My office will continue to do everything we can to support our medical professionals as they work to provide care for their patients.”

From Life News