California’s emergency stockpile of abortion pills is totally depleted. But after today’s U.S. Supreme Court hearing over whether to restrict medication abortion, Gov. Gavin Newsom’s office says he’s still deciding whether a resupply is necessary.

Last year Newsom announced the state had purchased 250,000 abortion pills after a ruling by a federal judge out of Texas temporarily halted the availability of some medications used for abortions. The state has since distributed its entire stockpile to abortion providers, but conversations about buying more “remain ongoing,” Brandon Richards, a spokesperson for the Newsom administration, said.

“California remains ready to purchase up to another 1.75 million pills given the ongoing attacks to abortion care access happening across the country – not just at the Supreme Court,” Richards said.

Newsom and other Democratic lawmakers have previously pledged to make California a “safe haven” for abortion, signing dozens of laws strengthening abortion protections, but drug regulation is one thing they can’t touch. Richards stressed that the stockpile was to provide a “worst-case scenario backup,” in case challenges elsewhere in the country led to supply chain disruptions….

If the justices were to rule in favor of the anti-abortion group, that could severely restrict the availability of mifepristone, preventing providers from prescribing it via telehealth appointments or sending the medication by mail. It could also limit the medication’s use from 10 weeks of pregnancy to seven weeks. A ruling from the high court is not expected until June….

State officials have previously said that California stockpiled misoprostol because its legality was not in question and they wanted medication abortions to remain widely available if there is an increased demand resulting from looming federal restrictions.

From Cal Matters