The couple was met by a counselor at Family Planning Associates as they were ready to leave their car and go to the mill. Amidst the shouts from the guard, the counselor pleaded with the couple not to go in. The counselor realized they spoke Arabic. The mother did not speak English and the father did not understand every word. Through God’s grace they agreed to follow the counselor to Culture of Life Family Services in Hillcrest.

The counselor prayed to find an Arabic interpreter and was able to get someone to talk with the couple. At Culture of Life, the counselors talked to the father while the interpreter spoke with them in Arabic. The mother did not ever want to abort her baby but the father said that two children were enough. He made the point that in this country they only see families with two or sometimes three children.

They both were surprised when the counselor showed them a picture of her seven children and the other counselors who both had five. They were given the grizzly details about abortion and soon their faces softened and the Arabic interpretor said that they would not go through with it, and they would keep their baby!

On the way out of the Hillcrest office they both told the counselors that their young daughter recently said she wanted a baby sister. They said she was very smart and they thanked us as we all praised God for this miracle of life.