One of the counselors approached a car with two young women and a man.  As they were getting out of their car, the counselor could see one of the young women who looked to be pale and sad.  The counselor approached her and gave her information on the doctor and the horrible accounts of what happens to women who choose to enter Family Planning Associates.

The young girl became even more downcast but would not talk to the counselor.  The counselor then talked with the other woman who was the sister of the father.  She confided to the counselor that she had an abortion when she was younger and regretted it.  The counselor talked to her about Rachel’s Hope and encouraged her to get healing along with other women who have been through abortion.  The young woman also told the counselor that her friend’s mother did not want her to have the abortion but that it was her choice.

The counselor then turned the attention to the young girl.  The counselor asked her where she went to school and the counselor made small talk about the high school they both attended.

The girl told the counselor she was about nine weeks and the counselor showed her a model of what a 12-week-old baby looked like.  The girl became downcast.  It was clear that she was sick, as she was coughing.

The counselor told her that she considered her like her own daughter and she would never let her daughter enter such a place.  The boyfriend who was present was nervous.  The counselor told them that girls go into Family Planning Associates each Saturday and pointed to a door and when they exit out the other door they are never the same.

The counselor encouraged them to call Culture of Life Family Services to get help and to have an ultrasound.  The counselor looked into the girl’s eyes and told her there was compassion in this girl’s eyes.  The girl finally called Culture of Life  after several minutes and made an appointment.  However, the boyfriend went into Family Planning and soon after the two girls followed.  The counselor prayed.

After 10-15 minutes they all left Family Planning Associates and went to their car.  The counselor hugged the girl and exchanged numbers.  They left for Culture of Life Family Services.  Upon seeing their baby, both parents said they were stunned that it was really a human being.  They are enrolled now in pre-natal classes.  We thank God for all who came to pray that morning.