When the first counselor arrived at Family Planning Associates, there was already a group of people in a car waiting.  The counselor talked with them and they said they drove two hours to get to the clinic.  The young woman in the passenger seat said she was 13 weeks.  The counselor showed her a model of what her baby looked like and then began to show her how the abortion would be performed.  She seemed sad that she was there but said she was young and was not ready to handle a baby.  The counselor assured her there would be help for her and urged them to go to Culture of Life Family Services.  They sat in their car for some time but eventually went in. She came out in a little over an hour and looked to be in distress.  She would not tell the counselor what happened.  Please pray for C.

Soon after a truck came into the lot with a woman and two men.  Another counselor gave them information and then another counselor talked with them.  They were horrified at the doctor’s record.  The woman appeared to be farther along in her pregnancy.  She told the counselors that she did not feel right about this place because when she called to make the appointment they told her she would be put to sleep.  They were urged to call Culture of Life Family Services or any other pregnancy center to get help.  They thanked the counselors and got into their truck and left.

A mother and daughter pulled into the lot and the counselor approached them.  They were very friendly and listened to all the information the counselor gave them.  The mother told the counselor that her daughter had just come from one of the local hospitals and had suffered a miscarriage.  They were told she had to have a D & C.  They were concerned about Family Planning Associates.  One of the prayer warriors came to assist and helped them call one of the doctors at Culture of Life Family Services.  They were given information as to what to do and gave the counselors big hugs and then left.  They both assured the counselors that abortion would never be an option.

Two of the counselors spoke with a couple who went into Family Planning Associates.  However she came out about an hour later and told the counselor she did not go through with it.  However, she was not responsive to the help the counselor offered.  Please pray that whatever the circumstance that this woman choose life for her baby.

Another woman left the clinic after being there for about an hour but gave no information.